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Quality Certification

The company has a sound quality system and has passed ISO9001, AS9001D, GJB9001B and other quality system certifications.

Aramid Honeycomb has also completed a series of tests by CNAS and CMA-certified third-party testing agencies, and the results have met the requirements of flame retardant and "smoke, fire, and poison" related standards in the fields of civil aviation and rail transportation in China.

  • 質量認證
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Common Problem

  • 1、What is the price of aramid honeycomb?

    First of all, if you have cellular needs, please contact our sales staff to select product specifications according to your specific needs, including cell, density, thickness, quantity and other information. The price of each cell, density, and thickness will vary. We will provide you with the most reasonable price after careful calculation.

  • 2、How to quickly learn about your products?

    Our company has product paper copies and electronic versions. You can contact us by phone or email to our salesperson. We will introduce you to product information and parameter tables, company sample books and other materials. If you have technical questions, you can also contact us directly to communicate.

  • 3、In which industries can CMAG cells be used?

    The aramid honeycomb itself has the characteristics of light weight and high strength, and low dielectric constant of flame retardancy. These characteristics ensure that it can be used in any industry with special requirements on safety, strength and weight. Such as aerospace, rail transportation, rowing, etc. We will also develop products that meet special needs based on customer needs.

  • 4、What are the common applications of CMAG cellular?

    Aramid paper honeycomb is generally not used alone, but can be processed as a core material to form a sandwich structure to play a load-bearing role. It is often called the sandwich structure. Generally, a thin, high-density material is used as the surface skin, which is compounded with a lightweight core material. Common skin materials are aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon fiber boards. At the same time, according to the different application needs of customers, we design honeycombs with different structures to meet various indicators of customers.

  • 5、How to buy our products?

    Please contact our salesperson quickly. The most common problems with buying and using cellular.