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Education & Outreach

As part of its mission, CIESIN seeks to inform decision makers, the media, students, educators, and the general public about the changing world. The following sections contain online resources as well as training opportunities and publications that fulfill this educational mission.

即时比分90vs即时比分直播 CIESIN offers training in Geographic Information Systems (Geospatial Technologies) and metadata tools and  management. We have also provided more tailored training programs focusing on information technology, on-line mapping, and other themes to address the needs of client organizations. Currently, our primary focus within the Columbia University system is on training in geospatial technologies.

This section includes reports, articles, conference presentations, and newsletters prepared by CIESIN staff and associates. Some are available online, whereas others can be obtained by contacting the appropriate CIESIN staff member. CIESIN has numerous online educational resources for K-12 teachers and students, college classrooms, and graduate-level education and research.

Educational Offerings/Resources
CIESIN regularly offers undergraduate and graduate courses through several different schools and departments at Columbia University, held at either the Morningside campus or the Lamont campus. CIESIN also provides a wide variety of online resources, including mapping tools, for K–12 teachers and students, college classrooms, and graduate-level education and research.

即时比分90vs即时比分直播CIESIN currently supports a range of catalogs and guides through its (SEDAC), a (DAAC) within the Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) of the (NASA). CIESIN also offers training in metadata preparation and management in collaboration with the (FGDC).

Discussion Lists
Internet list servers hosted by CIESIN.

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